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Roam Technology hygiene at home disinfection


Germs are all around us. But don’t panic, most of them are completely harmless. The important thing is to protect our families from the germs that can cause bacterial diseases and other infections. It will come as no surprise that the kitchen and especially the bathroom are harbouring a load of potentially harmful bacteria.


Food poisoning occurs when we eat food contaminated with harmful germs, such as Campylobacter, Salmonella or E. coli. Raw foods (eggs, raw fruit and vegetables, meat, …) can often contain high levels of germs that easily spread to other foods and surfaces around the kitchen, via unwashed hands and via surface contamination. Therefore, besides taking care of cooking, chilling and preventing cross-contaminations, a good (kitchen) hygiene is very important. Important spots to handle are cutting surfaces, taps, doorknobs, …

Keeping a bathroom hygienically clean is also quite challenging because humid warm conditions are a perfect hotbed for harmful germs. They can easily be spread, as bathroom surfaces like toilet flush knobs, tabs, etc. are touched very often by all family members.

Other hotspots you have to protect your family from can be found both at home and outside. Think about the desktop and computers at work, the small highly occupied spaces in airplanes, restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, …

Roam Technology hygiene at home disinfection