Trust the name Medical Facilities Trust

Ready to Use

Ready to use, Spray or Atomize


Kills viruses, bacteria and mold

No Harmful Residues

Environmentally friendly

Hundreds of Applications

No Chlorine or Alcohol

Less Aggressive

Significantly less aggressive and more effective than standard treatments available

Destroys Bacteria and Fungi's

Destroys harmful Bacteria and Prevents infection

Will our Product work for you ?

Our TR3 product has been designed and tested across hundreds of applications, even we are still learning just how versatile the product is, it can be used in virtually any application to combat Bacterial or Fungal microbes

What our Customers say....

You don’t have to take our word about our product, here are just some of the things our customers had to say about using our product.

Works well for minor scratches for my horses. Some don’t like the pressurised sprays but are fine with this one. I can see from their reaction it doesn’t hurt or sting and it keeps the wound clean and healing quickly.

Tanja - 18 Dec 2023

You spray this stuff on any wound, no smell, no sting, a little bit of white foaming (from the peroxide) .. to disinfect the wound. And within 3 days … that wound is healed !!! for adults, kids and children. Do not be without it !!!

Deborah - 10 Dec 2023
Cleared up my cat’s skin condition in just over a week, very effective.
Rex - 29 Jan 2024
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