Fogging Services



  • Efficiency: wide antimicrobial spectrum.
  • Productivity: short contact times and easy to dilute in water.
  • Userfriendly:
    • no pungent odor, non-toxic and non-mutagenic product.
    • no risk of forming any harmful by-products (chlorine free and alcohol free).
  • Compatibility: no corrosion to metallic surfaces and no deterioration of rubber and plastic.
  • Superiority: unique biofilm removal properties, non-residual.
  • Temperature stable and effective over a wide temperature range (0 – 95°C).
  • Effective over a wide pH range, & remains active even in low concentrations.
  • Fast acting and does not require extended contact times.

Water systems provide a suitable environment for microbial growth and biofilm formation. Bacteria living in biofilms are highly resistant to surfactants, biocides and antibiotics and are a permanent health risk (e.g. Legionella). BioXeco removes the source (biofilms) of contamination and also keeps the water clean and disinfected.

  • Efficiency:
    • biofilm removal (shock treatment).
    • Effective over a wide pH range, & remains active even in low concentrations.(constant dosing).
  • Ecofriendly: biodegradable into water and oxygen.
  • Safety: no harmful disinfection by-products (chlorine free and alcohol free).
  • Productivity: easy to apply with conventional dosing systems.
  • Compatibility: no corrosion to installations.
  • User-friendly: odorless and non-toxic product.
Packshots BioXeco Fog

Decontamination is achieved by fogging with BioXeco. Studies have indicated that the patients environment can be a permanent threat for infections.

  • Efficiency: fast disinfection of isolated rooms up to 500 m3.
  • Efficacy: log 7 reductions for a broad spectrum of microorganisms (e.g. MRSA, VRE, Clostridium,…)
  • Ecofriendly: non-toxic and environmentally friendly – biodegradable into water and oxygen