Update on Covid-19 (23rd April 2020)

A total of 143 570 COVID-19 tests has been conducted as per table below:

Testing Data
A total of 143 570 COVID-19 tests has been conducted as per table below:

Province Total cases for
22 April 2020
New cases on
23 April 2020
Total cases for
23 April 2020
Eastern Cape 377 40 417 10,5
Free State 106 0 106 2,7
Gauteng 1224 28 1252 31,7
KwaZulu-Natal 758 49 807 20,4
Limpopo 27 0 27 0,7
Mpumalanga 23 0 23 0,6
North West 24 1 25 0,6
Northern Cape 16 0 16 0,4
Western Cape 1079 200 1279 32,4
Unknown 1 0 1 0,0
Total 3635 318 3953 100


We are observing a steady increase in the number of positive cases. While this concerns us, we are also pleased that the intensified community screening and testing campaign is assisting in finding more COVID-19 positive patients. This allows us to take the necessary actions such as isolation, quarantine or hospitalisation if required. The epidemiologists also continue to analyse these trends to in order for the country to better understand the impact of the outbreak as it unfolds.

We commend all the health workers and tracers for their hard work in different parts of our country.

We also thank members of the community for heeding government’s call to participate in the mass screening and testing.

This is well reflected in the increasing numbers of people who have been screened to date, which is 3 633 037. Of the individuals screened, 24 174 have been referred for testing.

It is also notable that today the Western Cape has surpassed Gauteng’s confirmed cases and now has the highest number of COVID-19 positive cases in the country. A further analysis is being done as we are observing outbreak clusters in the Western Cape. This means that a large number of people who operate and interact in the same area (eg. factories, shopping centres) are testing positive.

Today, the Northern Cape, Limpopo and Free State do not have any new cases. Furthermore, we have seen the number of these province’s confirmed cases not increasing.

This also illustrates the effectiveness of their positive patients’ treatment and management


Total number of new tests and cases: Daily Trend

Deaths & Recoveries:

Today we regrettably report 10 new deaths.
This brings the total to 75.

We convey our condolences to the families of the deceased and thank our health workers who treated the deceased patients.

The new deaths are from the following provinces:
Western Cape: 6
KZN: 2
Gauteng: 1
Eastern Cape: 1


Total Deaths and Recoveries Per Province:


Today, the Director General of the World Health Organisation held an information sharing session with Health Ministers from across the globe. South Africa was given an opportunity to share its experiences in its management and response to COVID-19. We appreciate the leadership provided by His Excellency, President MC Ramaphosa in fighting this COVID-19 pandemic. The country’s response thus far has even laid an opportunity for lessons to be learnt by other countries.

Whilst we are pleased with this, we remain fully aware that we still have a long way ahead of us and face a tough battle to fight together as a country.

The WHO’s guidance for us as a country and the rest of the world remains invaluable and we express confidence in its leadership under Dr Tedros.

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